Do You Have Money In Bank CD’s?

What do consumers like about Bank CD’s? Consumers like the fact that their money is protected and there is a guaranteed rate of return. What do consumers like least about Bank CD’s? Most investors I speak with dislike the measly rate of return.

What if you had another option in a Bank CD to get 100% principle protection, along with FDIC protection, and the possibility of 3-4 times the return of your regular CD’s? Would you be interested? We may have the right solution for you and your safe money needs.

If you need growth potential and safety of principal, Market-Linked CD’s (MLCD’s) may be a smart solution in today’s unpredictable & volatile markets.

Do you own a CD? Are you tired of the small interest rate you have been getting? What if you could get the same FDIC Principle Protection AND returns 3 to 4 times more than your current CD?

What is a Market-Linked CD (MLCD)?

A Market Linked CD is just like a traditional CD except that you cannot just walk into a bank lobby and purchase one from the bank clerk. Market Linked CD’s are available only through special intermediaries that specialize in assisting consumers wishing to purchase a Market Linked CD. Market Linked CD’s require higher deposit amounts, but just like a traditional CD, the principal invested in Market Linked CD’s, or MLCD’s, is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to applicable limits and protected from market volatility, as long as the MLCD’s are held to maturity.

Explore the features of a Market Linked CD today. Contact us to learn more about a Market Linked CD, and to see if it would be a good fit in your portfolio.

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